Your Mind is Your Worst Enemy – Top Ways to Deal with It


Do you often find yourself over-analyzing the little things in your life? Or do you usually get into arguments because your mind does not allow you to accept other people’s viewpoints? More often, do you prepare your script before you discuss something?

14 Bible Verses About Not Giving Up

Bible Verses About Not Giving Up_5_11zon

Our lives can often be bleak because of the challenges we have to face. But no matter how miserable or unsuccessful your life is, don’t ever think of giving up. Thus, giving up is not an option because all these challenges make us strong.  

15 Bible Verses On Integrity

Bible Verses On Integrity_4_11zon

Do you know the importance of integrity? And how important is it to hold onto it? Sometimes it is not easy to hold onto our values when life knocks us down, and you feel that the world is trying to mold you into someone else.

Falin Daniels Quotes – New Beginnings With Beauty For Ashes

falin daniels

Your goal in life should be to evolve into the person God created you to be and not to dwell in the circumstances he allowed you to go through in order to become that person. If you must dwell, dwell in the possibilities of what can be and will be, instead of dwelling in the […]

How To Make Positive Changes In Your Life?

this too shall pass

Change is inevitable, and our lives are bound to go through the changes, but making peace with the change depends on us. Also, we might think it is hard to adjust to the change, but we should try to stay motivated.

A Verse of Hope from the Bible: Beauty for Ashes

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It is difficult to stay positive during tough times and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Whether you are going through a big change in life or just stuck in a rut, you should read the Bible to remain hopeful during tough times.

13 Encouraging Bible Verses About Peace And Joy

Bible Verses About Peace and Joy

At some point in our lives, we feel that there is nothing good happening around us. We stress over most trivial affairs of our lives, and we feel demotivated. At this point, we look for the ray of light that can make us hopeful.

How To Stop Sleep Procrastination?

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As adult human beings, we all set our own bedtime routine because we understand our responsibilities. However, some of us have this guilty habit of procrastinating that hinders our sleeping schedule. As a result, we get late for work and wake up exhausted!